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peppymint1986 wrote in everybodyrec

Author: Bibliotecaria
Title: Backstage
Series: Backstage
Fandom: Transformers Generation One
Summary: The Decepticons conquered worlds, terrorized the galaxy, landed on Earth, and became amazingly stupid. Even more amazingly, the Autobots keep falling for it.


It shouldn’t have worked. The Autobots never should have fallen for it. It was just too…obvious.

As Frenzy and Rumble put it when first given their assignment in this plan, “Look at the shiny thing!”

“Ooo, so shiny.”

“Yep. Now, you keep looking at the shiny thing.”

“What’s that over there?”

“Not a shiny thing. See the shiny thing?”

“It is very shiny. What was I looking at?”

“The shiny thing!”

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