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peppymint1986 wrote in everybodyrec
Title: Nine Rings of Vos
Fandom: Transformers
Author: Sanjuno Shori Niko
Summary: The Seekers have a plan, one that spans the entire length of the war, and is only now coming to fruition. Soundwave and the Cassettacons get caught up in the plot, and somehow cannot find it in their sparks to regret any of it. As for the Autobot and Decepticon factions, well, they are all just really, really confused.


“Understood.” Overcast said, his pacifistic nature put aside is favour of retribution, “And the second goal?”

“Second, once the threat to Vos is gone, the Seekers are gonna get sparked and go home.” Skywarp said with a salacious grin, “Screamer’s got a handy little formula to help out with that part of the plan, plus it’ll make plenty of the grounders underestimate us for being interface-obsessed airheads.”

The assembled Seekers made various noises of amusement. Ah, reputations. Where would they be without them?

“What about the gladiator?” Overcast asked with a pensive expression, “Won’t he become suspicious once Seekers start disappearing?”

“Nah, casualties are a part of war, and Megs doesn’t much care about the rank and file.” Skywarp laughed without humour, “I pulled the scattered-bit-processor admirer act on him and he ate it up. A mech like that doesn’t pay attention to casualty reports. The fallen are just numbers to him, and it doesn’t matter as long as he wins.”

“So why exactly are we teaming up with him again?” Slipstream asked caustically.

“We are using the Decepticons to get rid of our enemies.” Starscream replied with a huff, “Plus, they provide a handy distraction in addition to being a useful fire-draw.”

Nine Rings of Vos


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