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peppymint1986 wrote in everybodyrec
Author (s): Askerian and Joisbishmyoga
Title: Certain Values of Immortality
Genre: Family/Humor
Fandom: Magic Kaitou/Detective Conan
Rating: E for Everyone
Summary: Pandora granted immortality all right, just not the kind most people think of.


"I have to admit, Tantei-kun," says Kid, "when I handed you the gemback I wasn't trying to trap you into making a honest man out of me."

"There's no gem on Earth that could do that, anyway," Conan replies, but his
faint voice says he's not really paying attention to the words, or to  the thief who stands only two steps away.

Of the two of them, Kid is more disposed to believe in magic, but even if Conan was prone to
dismissing the testimony of his own two eyes...

Nothing happened when Kid was handling the gem alone. Only when he passed it, and for a
fraction of second there were two hands on it.

No amount of denial ever stopped Tantei-kun from reaching a logical conclusion.

The toddler asleep in Conan's lap has Conan's cowlick and Kaito's indigo-blue irises, when he cracks his eyes open. Kid can see Conan swallowing.

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