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peppymint1986 wrote in everybodyrec
Title: Mu
Author: melannen
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Genre: Humor
Rating: E for Everyone
Summary: Has a dog the budda nature?


Dresden's companion, however, responded by curling his lips and
growling at me. I barely restrained myself from growling back in
response; I can manage a mean growl when I need to.

"Oh, stars and stones,"
Dresden sighed. "Don't mind him, Marcone, he never did learn to shake
hands properly. What is up with you?" he added to the big man. "It's
like cats and dogs. Only worse. You actually get along with Mister."

"I can trust Mister," he replied in a deep, gravelly voice.

Dresden just stared at him. "You can trust Mister? To do what? Leave a mess on the kitchen floor?"

"To be true to his cat nature."

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