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peppymint1986 wrote in everybodyrec
Title: Lies, Misdirection, and Terrible Truth
Author: Morgyn Leri
Fandom: Thor, Avengers
Summary: Those who know him would think he'd seek the company of others of like mind to himself. Tricksters, liars, those who have their own agenda. They have not met his allies.  Not his first, not the oldest of them, but the two who never expect him to be anything but what he is.


He knows they watch him in this sanctuary, through the wide windows, through cameras and human eyes. He knows they try to find out who his allies are, and what they can do. He knows they test the measures the two have taken to ensure their sanctuary.

All of this, he allows. All of this, he wants. Let the Avengers grow stronger, let them adapt and change and prepare. He will have a small army to meet Thanos', will bring the one who thought he could control Loki to his knees and scatter him to the wind. Even if that army does not fight for him, but for their world. Even if they wish him as dead as does Thanos.

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