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rec your favorite fan fiction
Tired of all those rec sites where you have to be approved to post. Well, that won't happen here. As long as you follow the rules posted below, you are good to go. Otherwise don't be surprised if your post is deleted.

1) All stories must be complete with good grammer and spelling.

2) No same sex pairings outside what happens in the fandom. (ex. Willow and Tara from btvs) Sorry guys, but I get so sick of places where there is so much slash it is nigh impossible to find a story that isn't.

3) Put name of fandom, all lowercase, as a tag. Leave out redundent starting words like the.
ex. The Dresden Files=dresdenfiles

4) Please follow the format laid out in the first post. Include author, fandom, genre, summary, a preview/snippet, and link to the fic.